Wednesday, 22 January 2014

White Scars Spartan Assault Tank Part 3

Hello all! Macca here once again, bringing you part 3 on the Spartan Assault Tank for my White Scars.

As you can see, I have old files and drill bits which I sit the magnets on. This is done so I don't smudge the paint with my fingers (I am a clumsy clumsy oaf~ Macca). I have used the light from underneath the Land Speeder kit to replace the missing sensor from the top of the sponson, with the spare slot available for later add-ons.

Oh look! It is almost starting to resemble a tank! The guns and the sponsons are all magnetised, this aids with painting, storage and gaming. I chose to go with a red on the guns to bring them out from the rest of the white, as contrast is a big deal when you are competing in painting competitions. The red will also be sponged with a light grey and some black to give them a solid chipped and damaged look. The weapons will be done with a Citadel Leadbelcher drybrush, with gentle washes on the barrels to show the heat factor.

So here is my trick with exhausts: I use my finger, and a little Tamiya brand weathering powder, in this case 'Titanium'. I apply it by scratching the palette with a toothpick, dab it with my finger then I apply it liberally. I then take some 'Oil Stain' powder and run it around the top edges to create that soot build up. This technique stops you from going overboard, allows you to skip drybrushing and blending the soot, and it took me 30 seconds. I use this same trick on tracks, AFTER I have covered them in my desired dirt/dust. Once that is done and washed, I will give the tracks a final dusting with powders to contrast them some more.

Well, there it is, when next you see this bad boy, it should be complete, so keep an eye out for part 4 tomorrow. ~ Macca

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