Sunday, 19 January 2014

Raven Guard Sicarian

 Hello, Macca again,

Today I have my Legion Sicarian. Once more, RAVEN GUARD! Ok, the joy of that aside, here is what I have done.


The turrets are all magnetic. The 30k era side sponsons are notoriously bad to put together and to still have move, yet not droop under their own weight, so I used 10mm magnets to hold on the assembly, and 3mm magnets to secure the sponsons themselves. This allows for removal for painting, and for gaming (if I want to take lascannons one day or heavy bolters) or vehicle damage such as weapon destroyed. I decided I wanted a commander for the tank, so I used Mr Mohawk from the FW vehicle commander range. He is also magnetised in, and the open cupola is magnetised, so neither of them snap off!

Finally, "Yeah mate, just chilling out in my tank."

Multiple angles of the beast. Note the really beaten up white stripe, being a tank is hard wear on the paint in real life, and this one is no exception. The dust around the treads and the sides is more red, as the tank is likely to chew into the ground, in this case tearing up clay, whereas most units in the army are weathered in khaki tones from surface dust.

That's all for now, pop back soon!

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